Basic Firefighter/NFPA Firefighter I


The Basic Firefighter/NFPA Firefighter I Online program is delivered in the modular form as prescribed by the Office of the State Fire Marshal, and meets the cognitive requirements for Firefighter II certification. The practical requirements are the responsibility of the student, under the direction of their own fire department. A student practical package will be provided to guide and document student performance.

The Basic Firefighter/NFPA Firefighter I Course consists of 22 subject areas delivered from the IFSI Student and Staff Resource Center web classroom pages. The web pages provide an overview of each subject, define learning objectives, outline reading assignments, audio lectures, chat sessions, student assignments, and electronic quizzes. Students should be familiar with the use of the computer and have access to the Internet.

Course registration may be done by paper form or electronically. Your Chief will need a PIN number from IFSI if you use electronic registration.

Course Mechanics:

Students will be required to complete the following weekly studies.

  • Start new subject area (weekly instructors will oversee learning activities).
  • Complete required reading.
  • Listen to audio lectures.
  • Complete between 1-3 homework activities.
  • Attend live internet chat.
  • Complete online quiz upon successful completion of homework.

At the end of each module the course administrator will sign up each student that has successfully completed all module requirements for the OSFM state certification test. The location of the test is selected by the student so they can take it at a local OSFM test site.

  • Practicals must be completed by the end of the entire program.
  • Hazardous Materials Awareness is a requirement for state certification. Student can take the IFSI Haz-Mat Awareness online course to fulfill this requirement.

The cost of each module will be $300.00. Students can take the entire course or individual modules.

For more information contact one of the following instructors:

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