Essentials III

Essentials III : 16.00 Hours

Course Description

Essentials III is the third installment in the Essentials Program. The Essentials Program is designed to introduce new and novice firefighters to essential skills in the fire service. Each level of the Essential Program, Levels I, II, and III will introduce firefighters to skills that will build upon one another as participants progress through the program.

The Essentials Program is designed to meet the requirements of NFPA 1403, the Standard on Live Fire Training Evolutions and parallels the Illinois Fire Service Institute’s Minimum Fire Fighter Training Guide. The scope of the Essentials Program is to prepare personnel for supporting the station and exterior firefighting operations.

The Essentials III course will immerse the firefighter in skills related to basic pump operations, fire suppression, portable extinguishers, ropes and knots, rescue and RIT procedures, and vehicle fires.

NOTE: Protective Clothing Required -- Participants must furnish approved helmet, turn out gear, eye protection, gloves, SCBA and boots for this class. This course is delivered at local fire departments

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