Trench Rescue

Trench Rescue

Program Description

The Illinois Fire Service Institute's Trench Rescue program offers courses to train Firefighters, Rescue Team members, and Response Team members that readily or could potentially respond to incidents involving trenches.

Course topics include trench definitions, patient packaging, atmospheric monitoring, shoring systems of non-intersecting and intersecting trenches, shoring systems of deep wall and end wall trenches, and care & maintenance of the shoring system components.

All of these courses are based on NFPA 1670, Standard on Operations and Training for Technical Incidents. Course delivery is traditionally delivered in a week long format; however it can be delivered in a weekend format. Currently all scheduled classes have no tuition; contract classes are available. Class locations will be subjective to the Special Operations Program Manager.


Trench Rescue Technician Student Field Guide

IFSI introduces the "Trench Rescue Technician Student Field Guide." This handy pocket-size guide (TFOG) was developed by IFSI Instructor Heather Moore. The TFOG features Incident Command and Technical Rescue Ops check list, step by step intersecting trench shoring diagrams, manufacturer's tabulated data, OSHA interpretation reference material and also serves as a guide for first responders. 

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