Rope Rescue

Rope Rescue

Program Description

The Illinois Fire Service Institute's Rope Rescue program offers two levels of rope training. Level 1 basic rope rescue and Level 2 advanced rope rescue techniques.

Course topics for Level 1 include equipment selection, maintenance, and record keeping. Equipment use, systems and rigging for low angle rescue along with patient care, packaging and transport. Level 2 topics cover self-rescue, rescue litter operations in a vertical environment, highline operations and rescue procedures for ascending towers and performing rescue.

These two courses were adapted from the NFPA 1006 standards with information also derived from 1670, 1983 and 1500. The Level 1 program is Pro-Board, NFA and Illinois OSFM certified. Level 1 is also the prerequisite class for all of the other certifications in the NFPA 1006 standard. Level two is also Pro-Board, NFA and Illinois OSFM certified. These course are conducted at regional training sites throughout Illinois. Contact IFSI for course costs and prerequisites.


Rope Rescue Technician Field Rope Operation Guide

IFSI has introduces the "Rope Rescue Technician: Field Rope Operation Guide." This book developed by IFSI Instructors Mike Woodard and Ryan Evans features 19 unique sections that cover all aspects of rope rescue and serves as a handy, pocket-size reference guide for first responders along with color illustrations by Tracy Guidera.

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