Rope Rescue Awareness and Operations

Rope Rescue Awareness and Operations : 40.00 Hours

Course Description

The scope of this course is to prepare responders to operate as a member of a team within NIMS at an event requiring the need for low- or high-angle rescue. This course provides personnel with the basic knowledge and skills needed to perform rescues using rope systems. The class will cover the use of rope, rope equipment, hardware, construction of mechanical advantage systems, belay and safety systems, twin-tension lowering systems, anchor systems, patient packaging and care, transport, self-rescue, and rescue litter handling techniques. In addition, course topics include equipment selection, maintenance, and record-keeping.


This course was adapted from the NFPA 1006 standards with information also derived from 1500, 1670, 1858, 1983, and 2500. This course awards Pro Board and Illinois OSFM certification.


  Syllabus - Rope Rescue Awareness Ops.pdf

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