Grain Bin Rescue Operations

Program Description

The Grain Bin Rescue Operations Program educates first responders about grain storage facility types, their construction, and operating features. OSHA regulations, physical-environmental hazards, and potential rescue resources are identified to ensure the response falls within the requirements minimizing fire department civil or criminal liability. Scene management and safety are discussed in conjunction with locating, securing, packaging, and moving the victim. Improvised mechanical advantage systems, high point anchors, and retrieval systems will be demonstrated.

The program also covers safe patient assessment, stabilization, protection and packaging, plus removal as a part of rescue simulations. Various cutting tools are used in a simulated rescue to assist in the removal of grain from the bin. Upon completion of this program, the student will possess the ability to function as a member of a rescue team conducting rescue and entry operations at a grain storage facility.

There are no training requirements prior to attending Grain Bin Rescue Operations.

Note: this program is specifically designed and targeted only for entry into grain bins. Training and entry into other confined spaces are covered in other courses.



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