Montgomery GI Bill® Information

Montgomery GI Bill® Information

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at

The State of Illinois Department of Veteran's Affairs has identified several IFSI courses that qualify for reimbursement for a veteran's federal VA education benefits. If you qualify for Montgomery GI Bill® VA education benefits, you may apply for VA benefits for any of the courses listed below. This reimbursement will come directly to you, normally after you have completed the course. Should you desire to pay for the course directly, IFSI will bill you. Should your department pay for your training and desire that the department be reimbursed for the costs, IFSI will bill the department and you will have to coordinate repayment with your department.

Courses Qualifying for Reimbursement

The Fire Service Institute has requested, and the State Approving Agency has approved, the following programs for federal veterans' benefits, i.e., GI Bill®. The veteran or eligible person must prepay the tuition fee. The veteran must contact the Fire Service Institute veterans' certifying official to apply for his/her benefits. The actual amount of the benefits will depend upon the program and the eligibility of the individual veteran or eligible person.

The following are IFSI courses, programs, and eligible hours that qualify for VA education benefits. To be eligible to receive these benefits, the veteran must have completed the course or program within 12 months prior to the date of application to the VA. Details are available upon request.

Course Clock Hours
Advanced Fire Officer Blended / NFPA 1021 - Fire Officer II 22
Aerial Apparatus Driver/Operator 40
All Hazards Planning Section Chief (L 0962) 32
ARFF Apparatus Driver/Operator 24
Basic Firefighter / NFPA Firefighter I Academy 370
Basic Operations Firefighter / NFPA Firefighter I Blended 370
Basic Tactics and Strategy 40
Command & General Staff Functions for Local Incident Management Teams (O0337) 40
Company Fire Officer Blended / NFPA 1021 - Fire Officer I 22
Confined Space Rescue Operations - Level I & II 40
Confined Space Rescue Technician 48
Facility Fire Brigade - Incipient 24
Fire and Arson Investigation I 22
Fire Apparatus Engineer - NFPA Driver/Operator - Pumper 40
Fire Department Incident Safety Officer 40
Fire Inspector I 40
Fire Inspector II 40
Fire Investigator 120
Fire Officer I 120
Fire Service Vehicle Operator 8
Hazardous Materials Incident Command 16
Hazardous Materials Operations (1072 - Ch 5, 6.2, 6.6) 32
Hazardous Materials Technician 80
ICS 300 - Intermediate ICS (O0465) 24
ICS 400 - Advanced ICS for Complex Incidents (O0467) 16
Industrial Fire Brigade - Advanced Exterior 40
Industrial Fire Brigade - Interior Structural 40
Instructor I 40
Instructor II 40
Mobile Water Supply Apparatus Driver/Operator 16
Public Fire and Life Safety Educator I 32
Rope Rescue Operations - Level I 40
Rope Rescue Technician - Level II 80
Structural Collapse Operations - Level I 46
Structural Collapse Technician - Level II 45
Trench Rescue Operations - Level I 32
Trench Rescue Technician - Level II 40
Vehicle and Machinery Operations 40
Vehicle and Machinery Technician 40
Youth Firesetter Intervention Specialist 16