Advanced Fire Officer / NFPA 1021 - Fire Officer II

Advanced Fire Officer / NFPA 1021 - Fire Officer II : 120.00 Hours

Course Description

The Advanced Fire Officer course is designed to provide the Fire Officer, at the supervisory/managerial level, who oversees multiple fire companies or stations, with information and skills required for success. The Advanced Fire Officer course is compliant with NFPA 1021 - Standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications as it provides training and education in the requisite areas of Human Resource Management, Community and Government Relations, Administration, Inspections and Investigations, Emergency Service Delivery, along with Health and Safety. This course satisfies the course completion component for Office of the State Fire Marshal Certification as Advanced Fire Officer.


This program is delivered via a blended learning concept utilizing traditional classroom and on-line teaching elements. Each Phase must be taken consecutively and attendance is mandatory.

  • Orientation Session (In-Class, 8 Hours)  to ensure the students understands the on-line learning management system and expectations of the program. (First date listed)
  • Phase 1: On-line learning, self-directed 40 hours of education completed over 4 consecutive weeks. (Second dates listed)
  • Phase 2: Traditional in-classroom learning and practical applications, 80 hours of education. (Third and fourth dates listed)

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IFSI prerequisites are based on Illinois and NFPA standards. Equivalencies from other agencies will be reviewed upon request.

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