Illinois Fire Service Institute Library

Our Mission

The Illinois Fire Service Institute Library (IFSI Library) provides fire/emergency library and information assistance and services to the Institute's instructional staff, students, Illinois fire departments and firefighters, and other fire/emergency-related users in the successful and effective performance of their jobs.

The IFSI Library collection contains more than 14,000 books, videos, DVDs, films and CDs. The collection also contains periodicals, fire codes, pamphlets, standards, technical reports, legislation, and newsletters.

The IFSI Library is connected to other state and national libraries. The IFSI Library is a member of inFIRE (the International Network for Fire Information and Reference Exchange), which is a worldwide consortium of libraries with significant collections of fire literature. It is also a full member of the Lincoln Trail Libraries System (LTLS) and has a close interlibrary loan relationship with the National Emergency Training Center's Learning Resource Center. Interlibrary loan of information and materials gives you access to a wealth of information, but you have to ask.

IFSI staff use of the library materials is a first priority, but items can be loaned through interlibrary loan for delivery to your local library or can be requested directly from the IFSI Library. A 4-week loan period is available for all the library materials except designated reference materials.

Interlibrary loan services to Illinois public libraries have been reinstituted. If you are unable to visit the IFSI Library in person, please contact us to request interlibrary loan.