Fire Fighting

Program Description

Fire Fighting Programs at the University of Illinois are designed to give firefighters a realistic and safe experience to improve their skills on the fireground. Classes are held at the Fire Service Institute Champaign training facility, at select regional locations, and at fire stations around the state. While many of the programs taught through the fire fighting programs are similar to classes offered through Cornerstone, the difference lies in the payment method. If a department does not meet the requirements to access Cornerstone funding, they may contract for the class through the fire fighting programs.

Some classes are only available at the Champaign training site. These include Fire Attack Suppression Techniques (FAST), the Certified Firefighter II Academy, Fireground Company Officer, and RIT Under Fire. Others, such as Smoke Divers and Fire Apparatus Engineer, are offered as partnerships with training agencies around the state. Finally, classes such as Engine Company Operations, Truck Company Operations, and Saving Our Own ® are easier to adapt to delivery at a fire department with an adequate acquired structure.



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