Fire Fighting Foam Applications

Fire Fighting Foam Applications : 4.00 Hours

Course Description

This class provides the firefighter with a basic understanding of the common types of fire fighting foams (for Class A, Class B, & Polar Solvent fuels), the apparatus and equipment needed to deliver them, and the procedures for setting up and using them effectively. The class also addresses the logistics of large-scale foam operations. Both transportation and storage tank incidents, with and without fire, will be discussed. Pre-planning, emergency operations, and post-incident cleaning and other activities will be discussed. Hands-on practice setting up and operating foam lines is included. Adequate foam for the class size and any environmental impact considerations are the sole responsibility of the host department. NOTE: Protective Clothing Required -- Participants must furnish approved helmet, turn out gear, eye protection, gloves, SCBA and boots for this class. This course is delivered at local fire departments


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