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The Illinois Fire Service Institute (IFSI) Explorer Cadet Fire Program provides individuals aged 15-20 with information and training opportunities that prepare young professionals for a possible career in the fire service.


Explorer Cadet Fire School Event 2024 -Registration is Open!

July 18-21, 2024

This multi-day, immersive training program offers live fire, hands-on training for explorers, cadets, and junior firefighters. The event is held annually in June or July in Champaign.

IFSI Instructors have carefully designed each Explorer Cadet Fire School course to include skill building exercises, practical application live fire and hands-on evolutions, and multiple immersive training scenarios that will challenge all skill levels.

Explorer Cadet Fire School participants must be affiliated with a fire department explorer post or cadet program to attend this event.

For complete program details and registration visit:

Explorer Cadet Fire School Event

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For more information about the Explorer Cadet Fire School, please contact Ron Rains.

Explorer Cadet Field Training

These one-day "down and dirty" fire service training activities introduce youth to hands-on firefighting skills. Field training days classes focus on the same essential firefighting skills that are provided in the IFSI Cornerstone Training program, including hose and appliances, self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), fire behavior, search and rescue, ladders, and using hand tools. Instructors also address the value of teamwork, leadership, and followership.

Fall dates are posted in late August. Spring dates are posted in late January.

For complete program details, visit:
Program Details

A special registration form is required to attend Explorer Cadet Field Training courses. The form can be downloaded:
Registration Form

For more information about Explorer Cadet Field Training, please contact Tim Meister.




When registering, please enter your driver's license number. If you don't have a driver's license, then use your first initial, middle initial, your last name, and birth year. (for example, John Earle Doe born in 2001 should use: JED2001). Use no more than 20 characters. If you have taken a class with IFSI before, use your previous login credentials. If you took a class prior to procuring a driver’s license, please contact IFSI Class Support at fsi@illinois.edu to update your record. Do not create a new student record.


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