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First Responders experience unavoidable stress and traumatic events in the course of their vocation. If these challenges are not dealt with in a productive manner they can lead to emotional and behavioral health problems. Since many of the current ways to deal with these challenges revolve around assistance and treatment after the event, the Illinois Fire Service Institute has sought to change the fire service culture relative to mental health and resiliency by adding training to many of its courses. This culture change will occur by helping First Responders to be aware of the components of resiliency when they encounter stressful events.



Mental Health Awareness Discussions - May 2024

Members of the IFSI Resiliency Program sat down each week during Mental Health Awareness Month to discuss matters that impact all first responders. Links to the five videos:

Week 1: Have a Therapist

Week 2: Nervous System Regulation

Week 3: Let's Talk About Suicide

Week 4: It is Ok to Not Be Ok

Week 5: IFSI Resiliency Program Resources


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