Resiliency Development for First Responders

Resiliency Development for First Responders : 4.00 Hours

Course Description

This four hour course will provide first responders in any stage of their career with the necessary tools to remain resilient to the stressors that come with the job as well as stress from off the job. Focusing on cutting-edge science, students will see how stress can damage the brain, and also how the brain can recover from this damage. Students will also increase their understanding of how stress and mental health impact not just the brain, but the entire body. Behaviors and mindsets will be presented that will help students to care for themselves as well as support their families at home and at work.

Resiliency and Mental Health are key components to overall wellness for first responders. This course seeks to remove the stigma surrounding the discussion of mental health, trauma, and suicide. Facilitated group discussions will create open dialogues where students can share what has worked well for them and address areas where improvements could be made.



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