Smoke Divers (Advanced Breathing Apparatus Specialist)

Smoke Divers (Advanced Breathing Apparatus Specialist) : 24.00 Hours

Course Description

Smoke Divers is a 24-hour class where the student will walk away with increased confidence and knowledge of their SCBA. Firefighters will benefit from the course as they will become more aware of how the SCBA can perform and function through various drills that require donning, doffing, shifting, and dumping. Smoke and live fire scenarios challenge the student further by integrating the fireground tasks of forcible entry, rescue, search, and RIT basics. All of these basic to advanced skills build upon the student's abilities with their SCBA in order to give them the tools necessary for air management and self-rescue if the need arises.

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IFSI prerequisites are based on Illinois and NFPA standards. Equivalencies from other agencies will be reviewed upon request.

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