Leadership So Everyone Goes Home (LEGH)

Leadership So Everyone Goes Home (LEGH) : 4.00 Hours

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This program is intended to focus on the strategies to help students exercise leadership within their organization, regardless of whether their role is as a senior firefighter, company-level officer or chief officer. Exercising leadership is a critical component in helping our nation’s fire service successfully implement many of the programs and initiatives to help reduce firefighter deaths and injuries. An important premise is that exercising leadership is not without its dangers. You may have personally experienced occasions where individuals avoid tough issues rather than upset anyone. Exercising leadership is dangerous because it can challenge what people hold dear, including their habits, loyalties, and ways of thinking.

The goal of this program is to enlighten firefighting personnel, regardless of their rank, on the important role that leadership plays in all aspects of firefighting operations and to offer strategies on how to not only avoid those dangers, but also to thrive, helping them to make a difference that is beyond measure.

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