Light and Fight - On Campus

Light and Fight - On Campus : 8.00-10.00 Hours

Course Description

This class delivers fundamental training in increments convenient to meet the needs of individual department members. Hands-on live fire training is set up in several different scenarios for all firefighters and their experience level. During the training rotations students will train on basic SCBA, hose handling and movement, ladder raises, carries, climbing, tool handling, and proper tool selection for the assigned task. Additionally, the coordinated drills will offer students an opportunity to work as a member of a fire suppression team, and introduce very basic RIT and Saving Our Own concepts. Minimum participation restrictions shall apply. NOTE: Protective Clothing Required -- Participants must furnish approved helmet, turn out gear, eye protection, gloves, SCBA and boots for this class.


You MUST be pre-registered to be admitted to the training.  No walk-ins allowed.  Persons not on the Class Roster will not be admitted.


  Syllabus - Light and Fight On-Site.pdf

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