Commercial Building Operations

Commercial Building Operations : 1.00-16.00 Hours

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Multiple story, non-fireproof “taxpayers,” strip malls, cellars, warehouse areas and cocklofts - all pose additional risks to firefighters. Topics in the class include building construction features and collapse potential, as well as nozzles and flows for engine operations. The dangers of fires in cocklofts, cellars, and void spaces from years of remodeling are stressed. The class also covers truck company operations work with forcible entry, ventilation, and roof operations with multiple loads not designed for the original architecture. Thermal Imaging Camera, rope assisted large area searches, and team search of open retail outlets are dealt with. Concerns dealing with sprinkler systems, standpipes, and other suppression operations including the operation of aerial and outside master streams are illustrated. NOTE: Protective Clothing Required -- Participants must furnish approved helmet, turn out gear, eye protection, gloves, SCBA and boots for this class. This course is delivered at local fire departments if a structure or adequate practical training site is available.


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