Leadership, Accountability, Culture & Knowledge (LACK)

Leadership, Accountability, Culture & Knowledge (LACK) : 4.00 Hours

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The course shows students on how Leadership, Accountability, Culture, and Knowledge (LACK) impact firefighter safety. It assumes the student has a firm understanding of the Everyone Goes Home®, Courage to Be Safe® campaign, and that the student can communicate to others how to integrate life safety initiatives into their organization. While discussing how Leadership, Accountability, Culture, and Knowledge impact firefighter safety, the LACK Trainer utilizes the LACK Program as an opportunity to explain how the Courage to Be Safe® 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives can be a blueprint for a personal and an organizational improvement action plan. The program examines the root causes of line of duty deaths (LODDs) and the role of Leadership, Accountability, Culture, and Knowledge. LACK helps fire instructors gain a better understanding of the root causes of firefighter fatalities and how lacking these four elements affect firefighter safety.  This knowledge is then used in the program to help fire officers understand how to improve survivability. Special emphasis is placed on discussing and understanding how fire service culture impacts line-of-duty injury and death.

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