Aerial Apparatus Driver/Operator

Aerial Apparatus Driver/Operator : 24.00 Hours

Course Description

This 24-hour class is designed to provide Firefighters with a basic understanding of the design, maintenance, operation, and deployment of aerial apparatus. Students will be introduced to the various types of aerial apparatus and aerial devices that are used in the fire service, the inspection and maintenance of aerial apparatus, safe procedures for stabilization, aerial device operation, and the tactical deployment of aerial devices. Students will participate in drills that require positioning, stabilizing, and operating aerial apparatus and aerial devices. Students will be required to operate aerial apparatus during a final practical.

Below are the classes you must have completed before you can take this class:

  • Illinois Basic Operations Firefighter or NFPA Firefighter I Certification
  • NFPA Driving Skills Attestation

This course is part of the following Program


  • NFPA Driving Skills Attestation

IFSI prerequisites are based on Illinois and NFPA standards. Equivalencies from other agencies will be reviewed upon request.

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