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Program Description

Refresher Training is a program intended to help State Deployable TRT & Haz-Mat Teams keep their critical skills at sufficient technician levels. The program is based on Technician Level Objectives in the ODP approved classes. This program will be offered Statewide, ideally at Regional Training Centers, but can be offered at any site that can accommodate the Technician level objectives of the core program being delivered. The Refresher Training session requires a minimum of 15 students with a maximum of 30. The sessions can be requested by utilizing the IFSI Request for Training form, submitted to IFSI Special Operations Training Program. Participants will be Firefighters who have completed Technician level training , and are concerned about degeneration of critical skills.

MAIN POINTS for the Refresher Training Program

  • They are not a means to evaluate the Teams
  • They will provide an opportunity for hands on skills refresher training
  • They will provide the local Team Members with updated subject information.
  • The evolutions presented will be driven by the Baseline training objectives Of the Technician level classes.
  • They will be laid out in a 8 hour format, that can be a single delivery or if requested in a 16 hour format.
  • They can be delivered at any site that is suitable to the desired objectives, such as the Regional Training Centers.
  • IFSI will provide the Instructional staff and a minimum cache of instructional supplies and materials.
  • Participants will pre-register with IFSI, who will ensure participant has completed the course .
  • Individual submitting a IFSI Request for training can select from the menu of Haz-Mat , Trench, Confined Space, Rope or Collapse.
  • Teams will use the ITTF equipment issued.

The per student tuition of $180.00 per 8 hour session, will be covered by HSG funding as approved by ITTF. This is the only Grant consideration for this program.

The Refresher Training can be utilized to meet the requirements of the ITTF Level 2 Validation when multiple regional Teams participate, or ITTF Level 1 if only a single Regional Team participates.


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