Student Login Assistance

First Time Student Login

If you haven't logged in before, you must reset your password to begin. After establishing your new password, you will use your Driver's License number as your login. Please enter the information below to lookup your account and begin the process. If you have questions, please contact IFSI at 217-333-3800.

International Students that don't have a DL, please sign in with your ID and choose "Outside US" from the Issuing State drop down.

If you are an International Student and haven't assigned a login ID, please contact class support at 217-333-3800.

We have located your account. Please click the button below to send a password reset authorization to the email address we have on file: (If you do not recognize this email address, please call IFSI at 217-333-3800 to verify your information).

Password reset email sent! You should receive an email within a few minutes. If you do not, try clicking the button below. If you still do not receive an email you will need to call IFSI at 217-333-3800.

 Send Password Reset Email