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Revolutionizing the Protective Hood: Particulate Protection, Cleaning Effectiveness, and Training Demonstration- North Carolina State University lead


Funding provided by: North Carolina State University

This study, led by North Carolina State University's (NCSU) Textile Protection And Comfort Center (TPACC), will focus on research and development necessary for continued development of firefighter hoods. Absorption of chemicals through the skin is dependent on many factors, but the head, face, and neck represent vulnerable body regions that relatively thin skin and potential for elevated exposure. Until recently, much of the development in protective hood performance has focused on thermal/flash fire protection, mechanical properties, and fit/dimensions. Several manufacturers have started to unveil new particulate hoods that contain membranes or newly developed particulate barriers. However, questions remain as to this impact on durability, cleaning, heat stress, range of motion and situational awareness.

IFSI Research is assisting NCSU in the completion of this project by conducting a range of motion study for firefighting hoods that also includes a study of impact on firefighters' ability to hear. Additionally, a field assessment of firefighting hoods is being conducted in a simulated fireground scenarios to study comfort and impacts on heat stress.

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