Exam Accommodations

Exam Accommodations

The ADA and IFSI

How does a student request an accommodation?

"It is the policy of the Illinois Fire Service Institute to comply with the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you wish to request a reasonable accommodation you must submit a written request with supporting documentation to the Accommodations Coordinator at the Illinois Fire Service Institute. A link to the request form is above. Please complete the request form and return to the address listed or by email to fsi-ada@illinois.edu as soon as possible and prior to the start of the course. The Accommodations Coordinator will contact you to discuss the appropriateness of the accommodation request and any possible alternative accommodations. You will be notified of the determination."

Who is eligible to get accommodations for IFSI exams?

A student with a documented disability can apply for an accommodation.

What are some examples of an accommodation?

An accommodation is a modification, adjustment, or elimination of a barrier to a program to enable an individual with a disability to participate on an equal basis. Extended time for test taking, having the exam read out loud, distraction reduced environment (quiet room) or large print exams, or having a staff member fill in the bubbles on a Scantron sheet are examples of accommodations that could be provided for IFSI students. Again, the accommodation will vary based on the individual needs of the student.

What accommodations are appropriate for IFSI students?

The student must provide documentation indicating they have a disability and the documentation must demonstrate that the disability has an impact on them in the academic setting. Reasonable modifications are then explored, taking into consideration the student's request, past history of accommodations, and the nature of the program or course they are enrolled in.

Who is responsible for providing accommodations?

The Accommodations Coordinator will arrange the program and provide for the proctor the specific details of which student has been granted an accommodation and how to implement that accommodation.

What if a student asks for an accommodation on the first day of class? Will they be able to get the accommodation and take the exam with the rest of the class?

The Accommodations Coordinator will make every attempt to arrange an accommodation for the student if it is indicated, however, a student who requests an accommodation at the beginning of a week-long course of instruction may not provide enough time for IFSI to make test-taking accommodations by the end of the week. Arrangements would then be made for the student to take the exam at a later time.

A student who has a disability and will need an accommodation for an end of course exam should request the accommodation prior to the start of the course (or as soon thereafter). Once an accommodation has been approved, the student can then notify the Accommodations Coordinator each time he or she registers for a course. Accommodations can then be arranged for the course exam.