IFLODD: Firefighter Memorial

Firefighter Record

Firefighter Details

Name Peter Doyle
Agency Chicago Fire Department
Rank Firefighter
Type of Firefighter Career
Age Range 31 to 35
Sex Male
Date of Birth 0/0/0
Date of Death 3/20/1935
Cause of Death Vehicle collision
Nature of Death Trauma
Attribute of Death [not applicable]
Type of Duty Responding to/returning from incident

Incident Details

Incident Name N/A
Incident City Chicago
Incident State IL
Incident Date 3/16/1935 0:5
Incident Location Street/Road
Incident Attribute Traffic accidents

Incident Summary

On March 16, 1935, fire apparatus from Engine No. 13 and Rescue Squad No. 1 of the Chicago Fire Department collided at the corner of State Street and Adams Street in downtown Chicago. The fire apparatus were responding to an alarm for an automobile fire at Wabash Avenue and Jackson Boulevard. Both fire apparatus were traveling at high speeds with the sirens blaring, and the drivers were unable to swerve their vehicles away from each other before crashing. The force of the engine rammed the rear of the rescue squad truck and sent the vehicle flying through the air. The firefighters in the rescue squad truck were thrown from the vehicle and sustained serious injuries, while the engine remained upright.

Captain Frank O’Connor was riding in the front passenger seat of the rescue squad truck and was killed instantly when he was pinned beneath the vehicle. Ten other firefighters were hurt in the crash, seven who were riding in the engine and three who were riding in the rescue squad truck. Several of the firefighters on the engine were treated for a variety of broken bones, including arms, ribs, and hips, while the three other firefighters riding in the rescue squad truck all suffered fractured skulls. Firefighter Larry O’Connell died from his head injuries later that day, while Firefighter Peter Doyle succumbed to his head injuries four days later.


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