International Programs

International Programs : Country and Area

The Chinese Librarians Scholarly Exchange Program has been running successfully for 16 years (2005-2019, and 2022), and 433 librarians from 144 organizations have participated in the program. The Chinese Librarians Scholarly Exchange Program has become a well-recognized program in China and one of the largest international librarian training programs in the United States. Strong partnerships have been developed to support the program, including university libraries and public libraries throughout the United States. Many of the participants in this program have gone on to achieve professional success.

Since 2008, the library has received 162 visiting scholars in Library and Information Science, Fire Service, and Emergency Management fields from 87 institutes in China, Brazil, South Korea, and the Netherlands.

Since 2005, the library has supported the Institute to deliver 5 training programs and trained 193 first responders in China and at the Institute including 3 firefighters from South Korea and 3 fire investigators from Brazil.

Since 2006, 35 delegations from China have visited the Institute and the institute colleagues have been invited to China, Europe, and Southeast Asia, and visited 33 cities in China.

Since April 2020, the library has organized 74 online activities via Zoom with a total of 4044 participants during Covid-19.


Lian Ruan

Director of International Programs

Chris Downey

International Programs Liaison

Telephone: 217-265-6107