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The Challenges of Firefighter Training

Today's firefighters face a dynamic and changing work environment - from the fireground to the disaster scene. In order for today's firefighters and first responders to be prepared to meet the challenges of these often high-risk environments, intensive training is required. In addition to the need to be skilled in the use of new equipment and technologies, today's firefighter is called upon to deal with a host of new hazards, rescue situations and fire characteristics.

Illinois Fire Service Institute (IFSI) is a nationally-recognized leader in providing this instruction. More than 93 percent of all training delivered by IFSI is for firefighters. While some of this training is supported by grants, other essential training is paid for by local fire departments or individual firefighters. IFSI works hard to ensure this training remains affordable to all fire departments, but many departments remain fiscally challenged and are unable to provide this training.

IFSI's signature is hands-on training, rather than simply a classroom presentation - training that requires extensive equipment and facilities. Live-fire structural burns are at the core of the IFSI training model and are essential in the replication of real-life situations. Illinois is one of the only programs in the country that uses live-fire structural burn training.

The Illinois Fire Service Institute Fund is intended to make training less expensive and more accessible for all firefighters. Training would be available for:

  • Basic firefighter skills
  • Basic and advanced rescue techniques
  • Officer training
  • Hazardous materials
  • Investigation and prevention
  • Homeland Security planning and Incident Command

Your contribution to the Illinois Fire Service Institute Fund is an investment that will help IFSI continue improving the skills of firefighters and the safety of the citizens they serve. Your contribution is fully deductible. The Illinois Fire Service Institute Fund is part of the University of Illinois Foundation, which is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and will provide full support documentation for your contribution.


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For further information on development at Illinois Fire Service Institute, contact:
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