Chief's Pin for Registration

Chief's Pin for Registration

The Illinois Fire Service Institute (IFSI) makes it possible to register "on-line" for classes.

We want to ensure that the on-line registration system provides the same level of security and integrity that the current paper system provides. It is important to us that you have the opportunity to approve all registrations, regardless of which system you use to register students for IFSI courses. In order to accomplish this on-line, we need to establish a PIN for you.

This PIN number will work the same as your signature and will authorize the IFSI to bill you if that item is checked. It also authorizes the employee to attend a class sponsored by IFSI and be covered by your workman's compensation policy. In other words, this PIN number will be the same as your signature on the authorization line of the paper registration form.

The registration process will:

  • Require a signature of or authorization from the chief or his named designee of the department.
  • The Chief of each department who chooses to join the "on-line registration process" will receive a PIN number. There will be a box/line for entry of the PIN number on each registration form.
  • If you choose to participate in this procedure please download, and sign, the signature card and return to the office. We will then return to you your PIN number. We can send this to you via mail or email. Please indicate on the card in which manner you wish to receive your number.

It is not mandatory that you participate with the online registration procedure, however; it will allow registrations to be received more quickly than mailing.

Thank you for considering this new procedure. We hope to expand this to all registrations soon.

Jim Keiken

Download this form and submit it to the IFSI office. PIN Authorization Form

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