All Hazards Operations Section Chief (L 0958)

All Hazards Operations Section Chief (L 0958) : 32.00 Hours

Course Description

This course addresses the responsibilities of an Operations Section Chief to ensure the maintenance of continuity and safety of on-site responders and the public.  The course will allow students to hone their preexisting skillsets in communication and staff functions for a local Incident Management Team (IMT). Lecture-discussion, quizzes, multiple hands-on activities have been designed to enable students to learn, practice, and demonstrate their knowledge of the course material.  Activity logs, check-in lists, Position Task Books, and breakout sessions, have been created and/or inherited to the course in order to provide learners with various methods of learning that will enhance their understanding of the roles and functions of an Operations Section Chief


  AH-OSC Syllabus T.pdf

This course is part of the following Program


  • IS 200
  • IS 800

IFSI prerequisites are based on Illinois and NFPA standards. Equivalencies from other agencies will be reviewed upon request.

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