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Company Inspections is a course designed to prepare an individual to conduct basic fire prevention inspections at the company level. The class focuses on the importance of fire prevention as part of the fire service mission and on presenting the activities and skills involved in conducting company-level inspections.


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Some of the objectives meet…
OSHA 29CFR1910 1910.38 Sub E Emergency Action Plans
OSHA 29CFR1910 1910.39 Sub E Fire Prevention Plans
OSHA 29CFR1910 1910.157 Sub L  Portable Extinguishers
OSHA 29CFR1910 1910.158 Sub L  Standpipe / Hose systems
OSHA 29CFR1910 1910.159 Sub L  Automatic Sprinklers
OSHA 29CFR1910 1910.164 Sub L  Detection Systems


1    Fire Prevention Code
101  Life Safety Code
1452 Training Fire Department Personnel to Conduct Dwelling Fire Safety Surveys

OSFM Certification

All practical skills are direct Certified Fire Fighter II or Certified Basic skill objectives
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