Fireground Management for Small Career and Volunteer Departments

Fireground Management for Small Career and Volunteer Departments : 20.00 Hours

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This is a 12-hour classroom followed by an additional 8 hours of training ground opportunity. The 12-hour classroom is a precursor for the 8-hour training ground activities. This class is designed to include every member of a fire service organization. It provides every participant with a working knowledge of incident management, time-tested management principles, and an emphasis on workable communication skills. The class will focus on the fire scene that does not have dedicated truck, engine, or rescue response companies. It will also focus on a response reality of initially not knowing the number of responding Firefighters, or their skills, ranks, experience, or limitations. Attendees will be challenged to assess response scenes to include radio traffic.

Training culminates by providing students the opportunity to be a part of a fire scene management system. This course will take the student through Step 4 of the IFSI 5 Step Learning Model, providing experience as command or company level leaders in simulated fire ground activities.

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