Vehicle and Machinery Technician

Vehicle and Machinery Technician : 40.00 Hours

Course Description

This course is the advanced course offered after taking Vehicle/Machinery Operations and meets the guidelines of NFPA 1006. The 40 hours is spent mostly with hands-on training using semi-trucks, (large/heavy vehicles), buses, automobiles and various types of machinery. Each student will have hands on training in stabilization devices, creating additional openings in vehicles for proper patient removal, extrication processes with vehicles and machinery on their side and upside down, practicing on disentanglement of victims in equipment, plus establishing landing zones all the while using the Incident Command System. This class is designed for those who respond to large/heavy vehicle accidents. Upon successful completion of this class, the student will have an increased level of technical knowledge regarding large/heavy vehicles, automobiles in positions other than on their wheels and construction and industrial machinery.

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IFSI prerequisites are based on Illinois and NFPA standards. Equivalencies from other agencies will be reviewed upon request.

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