OSFM Life Safety Code: Core Program Online

OSFM Life Safety Code: Core Program Online

Course Description

The OSFM Life Safety Code Program consists of 2 parts: OSFM Life Safety Code Core Program and the OSFM Life Safety Code Occupancy Programs. Both are designed to provide information on the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code, 2015 edition to assist the Illinois Fire Service to build their professional knowledge and to develop a better understanding of the OSFM adopted code that serves as the state’s minimum fire safety standard and to assist in compliance with the Fire Investigation Act.  Although not required, it is strongly recommended that the OSFM Life Safety Code Core Program is reviewed first.

The online on-demand OSFM Life Safety Code Programs should be used as a reference tool only.  It is not an online course to complete, so the user will not receive a grade.  Participants using the online on-demand resource will not receive an IFSI certificate of attendance.  It is up to your organization’s training program to decide if CEUs are earned and documented when accessing the online reference. After enrolling in the online on-demand course, the online classroom can be entered during the 6-month open access to reference as many times as necessary.  

The OSFM Life Safety Code content was developed by OSFM subject matter experts.  If you have any questions specific to the content of the reference material please contact the Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal.

Each of the online on-demand courses has Knowledge Checks.  The purpose of Knowledge Checks is to give the user an idea of how well he or she understands the materials.  The Knowledge Checks are ungraded and allow Learning Objectives to be self-assessed by each user.

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If you have specific questions about this course contact SONDRA BOTWINSKI