Active Shooter Incident Management Basic

Active Shooter Incident Management Basic : 8.00 Hours

Course Description

The Active Shooter Incident Management (ASIM) Basic course is an 8-hour performance-level training designed to improve incident management and coordination among law enforcement, emergency management, and fire and EMS responders during active shooter events. The course provides a validated framework for school personnel, law enforcement, fire, and EMS to effectively manage violent event responses, with a specific emphasis on minimizing response time, providing timely medical intervention, and enhancing victim survivability.


If you are affiliated with an emergency responder organization such as a fire, police, EMS, or EMA agency, it is mandatory to enroll in BOTH the Active Shooter Incident Management (ASIM) and the School Safety and Violent Event Incident Management (SSAVEIM) courses. Attending both courses will ensure comprehensive training for your profession.

If a school system employs you, please enroll in the School Safety and Violent Event Incident Management (SSAVEIM) course ONLY. This course is specifically tailored to equip school personnel with the necessary knowledge and skills to manage violent events in schools and reunify children with the appropriate guardians. The ASIM program is not suitable for your specific profession. However, the SSAVEIM program will provide you with a brief introduction to the relevant concepts.


The course emphasizes incident management principles, including command, coordination, communication, collaboration, and resource management, essential for effectively managing active shooter incidents.

Important Note:

To ensure a balanced representation of first responder disciplines, we do not publicly list classes on our website. Instead, class scheduling and registration are closely coordinated with the local jurisdiction that requests the training.

Please contact Dave Saitta, our NIMS/ICS Program Manager, to set up a class in your jurisdiction.


Police, Fire, and EMS

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