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Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 9 AM - 6 PM


How to Join

1. Register

If you have not taken a class with IEMS since January 2015, fill out a registration form to get you into our system. New Member Form

2. Get CPR Certified

The minimum certification to be a member of IEMS is CPR-certified at the healthcare provider level. If you are already certified, you've already completed this step! If not, click below to register for a class.

IEMS Courses

3. Paperwork

Come into the office and fill out your paper work. Once you've done that, you can jump in and start helping save lives!

Membership Requirements

Hour Requirement

Each semester, all IEMS members are required to staff a minimum number of Operations hours to maintain their active status. Members who fail to complete their hour requirement are subject to suspension. EMT class practicals, critical skills sessions, and general meetings do not count towards a member's hour requirement. To sign up to work an event, volunteers must be CPR-certified. Please see the Member Checklist for more specific requirements.

Fall Hour Requirement Spring Hour Requirement
EMT-B 22 Hours 16 Hours
EMR/CPR 6 Hours 6 Hours

Please note that the hour requirement varies each semester, members are expected to fulfill each semester's hour requirement by the end of the semester in question.

How to Sign Up For Events

To sign up for events, please login to the members area to view the IEMS Calendar. You will need to create an account to do so. Please make sure you are 100% certain you can staff the event when you sign up for it as you are responsible for the shift after that point.
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After You Have Signed Up For an Event

To prepare to work an event, please review you skills. Dress per Illini EMS's Dress Code Policy and show up to the event a few minutes early. ID badges are required and can be made in the IEMS office during regular office hours. EMTs, please review the Region 6 Protocols before working events. You will also need to contact a member of the Operations Department to take a Region 6 Protocol exam if you have not already done so to work as a lead EMT.


IEMS uniform requirement: All Operations events require the standard IEMS uniform of:

  • red IEMS polo (tucked in!)
  • either navy EMT pants or navy/black/khaki pants
  • dark belt
  • dark, nice, closed toed shoes (think safety!)
  • IEMS ID card (these are printed in our office)

In the event of inclement weather, IEMS will provide a lightweight windbreaker and you may layer a heavier jacket underneath it.

Bike Team

The bike team is composed entirely of EMT's working in pairs to cover outdoor events. Two teams are present at football games and are outfitted with all the equipment of a normal team except for a spineboard. Bike teams recieve the highest call volumes of any type of team, making it an exciting and rewarding experience. Our bike EMT's go through a training course at the end of the spring semester.


The Operations Department is responsible for all aspects of IEMS as a non-transport BLS provider. This department follows Illinois EMS Region VI protocols and system regulations as outlined by Provena Regional EMS System, and the EMS Act (210 ILCS 50).

11 Gerty Dr.
Champaign, IL 61820
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