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Grants from the Office of Secretary of State and the Illinois State Library with a total amount of $317,264 as of March 2014.




Major Tasks

FY2014 Illinois State Library, "Another Opportunity for Back 2 Books: Fire Safety Public Education on DVDs" $4,941 March 2014 April 1-September 30, 2014 Purchase DVD library materials focusing on fire safety public education Be useful for fire safety public education programs for elementary school students, college students, and senior citizens. Support the local fire departments' fire safety public education programs
FY2013 Illinois State Library "Back to Books: Firefighting Training on DVDs," $4,988 May 2013 May 1-September 30, 2013 Purchase DVD library materials focusing on firefighting skills training

Promote the collection at the IFSI Library OPAC and website

Promote the collection specifically to over one thousand firefighter students in the IFSI Firefighting Program and firefighter students in the IFSI Certified Firefighter II Academy (Basic Firefighter/NFPA Firefighter I Academy) in the fall and spring semesters

Promote the collection at the IFSI's annual Fire College and display the materials to showcase them to more than 697 firefighter participants

FY 2008 LSTA (Library Service & Technology Act), Grant, "Illinois Online Disaster Preparedness Pathfinder". $4,000

Oct. 2007

Oct. 2007 - June. 2008

Organize relevant multi-media resources that contribute to Illinois citizens’ disaster preparedness, targeting multi-type and multi-age audiences at home, school and community.

Increase general public awareness of disaster preparedness, thereby electronic pathfinder supplying access to invaluable informational resources concerning disaster hazards. 

Provide vital and comprehensive source on individual, family, and community preparedness to help the citizens of Illinois meet challenges ahead in a disaster. 

Maintain and develop partnerships with fire departments, fire organizations, and public and school libraries throughout Illinois.

FY 2007 LSTA (Library Service & Technology Act) Grant, "Illinois Firefighter Line of Duty Death Database"

Oct. 2006

Oct. 2006 - June. 2007

Illinois Firefighter Line of Duty Death Database

Collect, organize, digitize, preserve, and provide access to historical and cultural materials that document the ultimate sacrifice of more than 700 Illinois firefighters over the past 150 years.

Partner with fire organizations, historical societies, fire museums, and libraries to digitize photographs, newspapers, fire station logbooks, and other resources that detail these tragedies for inclusion in an online database.

Providing access to this history will memorialize the firefighters, increase awareness of their sacrifice, and supply contemporary firefighters with valuable "lessons learned" from the various deaths.

Enhance the educational endeavors of firefighters and could help prevent future tragedies. Furthermore, the project will strengthen partnerships the IFSI Library has already established with fire departments, fire organizations, and public libraries throughout Illinois.

Help build relationships with historical societies and fire museums.

FY 2006 LSTA (Library Service & Technology Act) Grant, "Creative Use of Libraries(CUOL Grant) - Deliver Right Information to Illinois Firefighters at Right Time" . $81,626

Oct. 2005

Oct. 2005 - June. 2006

Employ innovative technology to create a new library service - “The Digital Illinois Fire Departments Training Network Database” (Network Database) to address firefighters’ local training needs.

Train 25 or more selected fire departments to maintain a digitalized record of their training calendars and activities and will provide access to this digital information.

Help respond to firefighters' information needs in a timely manner by providing pertinent information resources via the grant partners, their local public libraries.

Help improve the training of firefighters’ by providing “at the right time” access and usage of fire emergency information resources

Strengthen partnerships the IFSI Library already has established between fire departments and local public libraries.

FY 2002 LSTA (Library Service & Technology Act) Grant, "Grow with Pro!". $4,900

Oct. 2001

Oct. 2001 - May. 2002

Hiring a local architect to do conceptual drawings for the new IFSI Library Building

FY 2001 LSTA Libraries in the 21st Century – Developing the Distance Learning Library Services for Illinois Firefighters: an Integrated Information Service with Online Firefighter II Certification Program. $49,570

Dec. 5, 2000

Dec. 2000-June 2001

Online Firefighter II site

Collaboration and partnership with 14 libraries

Online training videotape

Full text and nonprint reference materials delivery through Internet

First in the nation in its kind International attention from Britain and Australia

FireTalk, IFSI Thesaurus. Build some basic structure of IFSI Thesurus.

FY 2001 LSTA Collection Connection Grant. $2,500

Dec. 5, 2000

Dec. - June 2001

33+ reference books in Health (Emergency Medical Services) and Fire Science (science) areas.

FY 2000 LSTA Full Year Grant - Internet Outreach to and Training of Illinois Fire Service Personnel, Public and Community College Librarians for Electronic Access to Fire Safety Information.$75,000

Jan. 14, 2000

Jan. -Sept. 2000

Comprehensive Library Web Home Page

79 workshops; 10 demos in 64 cities covering 201 sites

148 fire departments, 36 libraries and 21 organizations in the workshops and/or demos

ILL requests through 149 public libraries

1,669 reference requests , 5 times more than 300 requests in FY 99

Research, OPAC training manual, equipment used beyond the project year

"FireTalk, IFSI Thesaurus" started.

FY 2000 LSTA Equipment to Books Grant. $2,000

May 1, 2000

May-June 2000

4 expensive reference materials, including online National Fire Codes, 2 tapes on fire safety and Essentials of Fire Fighting Curriculum with Transparencies

FY 2000 LSTA Marketing Grant.$1,000

March 17, 2000

March-June 2000

FSI Library brochure to 666 public libraries and 1,327 fire departments

FY 2000 Educate & Automate, Fast Start-Basic Equipment.$1,065

Feb. 10, 2000

Feb. – June 2000

Plain paper fax machine, color ink jet printer, zip driver, scanner

FY 2000 Educate & Automate, Public Internet Access.$1,820

Feb. 9, 2000

Feb-June 2000

Ramjet Workline 500 NIC System, Laserjet printer

FY 1999 LSTA Bring in an Expert Grant.$4,500

June 1, 1999

June-Sept. 1999

Subject access evaluation

Research projects and an idea of "FireTalk, IFSI Thesaurus" was born.


Grant From American Library Association

Name Date Period Major Tasks
2013 ALA Annual Diversity Research Program Award, "The Role of Chinese American Librarians in Library and Information Science Diversity," $2,500 June 2013 July 15, 2013 -July 15, 2014 Collect and analyze quantitative and qualitative data gathered from selected young and senior Chinese American librarians who have been involved with diversity initiatives

Gather information using a web-based survey and semi-structured interviews

Investigate the role of Chinese American librarians in Library and Information Science (LIS) diversity efforts in the 21st century and to assess the effectiveness of their contribution to diversity

Address critical diversity issues within LIS and recommend strategies on how to recruit and promote Chinese American librarians within the profession

Identify and document stories of best practices and lessons learned which will be the basis of toolkits to be provided to Chinese American librarians serving diverse users in their communities

Provide much needed evidence to Chinese American librarians and other library and information professionals to help fill the gap in diversity research and carry out ongoing diversity initiatives


Awards from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Name Date Period Major Tasks

2007 Freeman Fellow Partner Initiatives Award, Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies, $13,000

8/2007 8/2008 To develop a graduate course at GSLIS on China
2004 Campus Research Board UIUC, $8,131 9/2003 1/2003 - 9/2004 A Survey to Support "Evidence-Based Practice" in Special Libraries Serving Fire Service Personnel and Researchers in Public Safety and Homeland Security Areas
2003 Campus Research Board UIUC, $9,2521 2/2002 1/2003 - 8/2003 FireTalk, IFSI Thesaurus

Grant From Special Libraries Association

Name Date Period Major Tasks
2004 Special Libraries Association, $20,000
Co-Research Director, Professor Linda C. Smith
6/2003 8/2003 - 12/2004 A Survey to Support "Evidence-Based Practice" in Special Libraries Serving Fire Service Personnel and Researchers in Public Safety and Homeland Security Areas


Grant From the National Library of Medicine/Greater Midwest Region

Name Date Period Major Tasks
FY 2004 GMR Outreach Project Award. $6,000 05/2004 05/2004-04/2005 Outreach program for emergency medical techicians in 5 selected fire departments.
FY 2002 GMR Professional Development Award. $1,700 10/2002 11/2002-2003 To develop an action plan for a new outreach library service for Paramedics in Illinois Fire Departments.



Grant from the Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA)

Name Date Period Major Tasks
Chinese American Librarians in the 21st Century $700. This project is also partially funded by the Illinois Fire Service Institute
Co-Research Director, Anna Xiong
6/2005 6/2005 - 6/2006 Survey Chinese American librarians, who are members of Chinese American Librarians Association.



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