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Why Illini EMS?

I find happiness in personally caring for a community that I love. - Alyssa Abay
I began my freshman year as an undecided student in 2013. Joining IEMS, my classmates and instructors from the EMR and EMT-B classes inspired me to pursue a career in healthcare. IEMS has afforded me countless invaluable experiences and opportunities through numerous leadership and teaching positions, and has enabled me to become confident in my patient care, leadership, teaching, and problem-solving abilities. I am forever in debt to the organization that has opened so many doors for me and ultimately influenced me to become a registered nurse. I will never forget where I came from. - Alyssa Carras
We are actually making a difference in the lives of our campus community! - Nathan Cornwell
It's wonderful being able to serve the community and to do so with such a dedicated and compassionate group of people. - Julia Ghering
I can be a part of a team that is very dedicated and enthusiastic to providing care to the local community. - Kristen Guglielmi
I enjoy doing IEMS because I love working with all of the officers and members to provide the best emergency medical treatment and education to the people on campus! - Kylie Harnen
You're working with a group of kind and motivated people to help the community! - Ben Hsieh
I enjoy doing IEMS because it has given me the opportunity to interact with those outside the business school and develop my teaching skills. Additionally, I have learned a great deal about how healthcare organizations run. - Julia Kruse
Whether it be through education or operations, I love how IEMS provides the opportunity to actually have a positive impact on people. It's incredibly fulfilling to be a part of an organization that dedicates its service to others. - Gabriele Noreikaite
I joined IEMS with the goal of learning how to help those in need. After completing the then-offered First Responder and EMT-B courses and starting my career in health care, I not only gained confidence with patient interaction and assessment, but also I found a core group of like-minded friends with whom I could literally trust my life. IEMS has provided me with skills, knowledge, friends, a career, and, through teaching the EMT-B course myself, a means to bring new health care providers into the fold. Why do I enjoy being a part of IEMS? Because it is my home. - Nick Parks
I want to go into emergency medicine one day, so I love that IEMS gives me the opportunity to deal with emergencies first hand. - Alexis Ray
Working with IEMS not only offers me the opportunity to meet and get to know fellow like-minded individuals in my chosen field of interest but also provides a level of patient contact and care that I have not experienced in any of my other activities. - Benjamin Wang

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Champaign, IL 61820
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