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Head Librarian and Director of IFSI International Programs Lian Ruan has served as mentor, Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS) Chinese Group. She made the initiative to establish the group and has helped the group’s program activities since 2004. She has worked closely with GSLIS to help recruit Chinese students from China.

In June 2007, the Freeman Fellows Advisory Committee awarded grant funding to Head Librarian and Director of IFSI International Programs Lian Ruan and Professor Terry Weech, Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS), from the Freeman Fellows Partner Initiative for the project entitled "Information Access and Library Resources in the Social Sciences and Humanities in China, A Proposal for Development of a Graduate Course for Librarians and Researchers." The projects key partners were Peking University Library and Department of Information Management, Wuhan University Library, and Graduate School of Library Science. In May 2008, Weech and Ruan visited both partners to prepare for the new course, which was offered successfully at GSLIS in fall 2008.

Head Librarian and Director of IFSI International Programs Lian Ruan was invited as adjunct researcher for the Institute of Information Resource Management, Zhejiang University and adjunct faculty at the Third Military Medicine University on library and information science.

IFSI 图书馆长及IFSI 国际项目负责人阮炼曾作为伊大图情研究院中国学生会辅导老师。自从2004年起,她倡议并建立了学生会并对学生会的活动项目予以支持及帮助。 阮馆长还与图情研究院密切合作,帮助学院招收中国学生。

2007 年 6 月,弗里曼奖学金咨询委员会授予IFSI 图书馆长及IFSI 国际项目负责人及伊利诺伊大学图情学院泰瑞维奇教授弗里曼合作伙伴项目研究基 金以资助项目《中国人文及社会科学学科信息获取与图书馆资源为图书馆员及研究员设立研究生课程的计划书》。该项目在中国的主要合作方有北京 大学图书馆和信息管理系及武汉大学图书馆和图书馆学研究生院。 2008 年 5 月,维奇教授与阮馆长访问了北京大学与武汉大学,双方合作准 备了新的课程,于 2008 秋季学期图情学院在成功开设该课程。

IFSI 图书馆长及IFSI 国际项目负责人阮炼受邀成为浙江大学信息资源管理学院兼任研究员,以及第三军医大图书馆与信息科学系兼职教授。


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