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In Spring 2007, a China Endowment Fund supporting the professional development, research, and education of Chinese librarians, visiting scholars, and students in library and information science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, estabilished through the University of Illinois Foundation and Illinois Fire Service Institute. To donate to the Endowment Fund, please contact Head Librarian Lian Ruan and Chen Huang, Co-Chairs of the China Endowment Fund Scholarship Committee.

Scholarship Introduction

Chinese librarians, visiting scholars and students are today's driving force to help develop first-class library and information services in China and build collaborations with libraries around the world. Chinese librarians are encouraged to pursue the advancement of their skills and in turn promote the high ideals of the library and information science. One of the intentions for the China Endowment Fund at UIUC is to help Chinese librarians, scholars, and students in library and information science come to UIUC to further their professional development goals.

Previous Award

In November 2011, Head Librarian Ruan met the key donors in China to discuss the 2012 scholarship awards recipients.

2012 Award Winners

Cui, Haiyuan (Peking University Library)
Du, Jin (Library of University of Science & Technology of China)

Application Requirements

1. The applicant must be a participant in the Chinese Librarians Summer Program and/or visiting scholar at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

2. The applicant must submit an application package, including scholarship application form, personal statement on why the applicant is applying for this award, career advancement goals, resume and two recommendation letters. The application documents are confidential and will ONLY be reviewed by the China Endowment Fund Scholarship Committee.


Please submit the application package to Lian Ruan (; QQ:1147532092) and Chen Huang (TEL:(86)571-87952427; ), Co-Chairs of the China Endowment Fund Scholarship Committee.


Application Submission: There is no deadline to submit your application. The committee will select the final winner(s) based on the applications received.

In the application package, applicants should choose one topic from the list below or design a topic of their own that demonstrates application purpose and impact.

Sample Topics

- Trends in Academic Librarianship
- Research Data Management in Higher Education
- User Services in Academic Libraries
- Interdisciplinary Library Services and Subjects
- Librarianship in Humanities and Social Sciences
- E-Resource Collection Development and Management
- Community Informatics in China & USA: Community Building and the Role of Librianship
- User-centered Services
- Assessment Study in Academic Libraries
- Data Curation in Academic Libraries
- Library Consortia and Strategic Planning
- Leadership in American Libraries
- Science Library Services
- Academic Library Organizational Structure and Services
- Strategic Collection Development and Managment



2007年,IFSI在伊利诺伊大学基金会中建 立了中国捐赠基金以资助中国图书馆员、 访问学者及图情学专业学生的职业发展、 科研与教育。请联系图书馆馆长、中国捐 赠基金会委员会联合主席阮炼和黄晨了解 捐赠事宜。


中国图书馆员、访问学者和学生是促使中 国图书馆和信息科学走在世界前列和与全 世界图书馆合作的主动力。伊利诺伊大学 香槟分校(伊大)中国捐赠基金主要目的 之一在于帮助中国图书馆员、图书馆和信 息科学领域的学者和学生前来伊利诺伊大 学厄巴纳-香槟分校进修以促进职业发展 ,帮助他们实现理想。


2011年11月,阮炼馆长造访了中国的主要捐 赠者,并与之讨论了为2012年中国图书馆员 暑期项目提供奖学金,名额为两名。

崔海媛 (北京大学图书馆)
杜进 (中国科学技术大学图书馆)


1. 申请人须为中国图书馆员暑假班学员或为伊利诺伊大学访问学者。

2. 申请人需提交一份申请材料, 包括奖学金申请表、个人陈述 ---- 阐明为什么申请该奖、 职业发展目标、个人简历和两封推荐信。 申请人的所有材料只由中国捐赠基金委员会 内部使用,不对外公开。


请将申请材料提交至中国捐赠基金会委 员会联合主席阮炼 (电邮: ; QQ: 1147532092) 和黄晨( 电话: ( 8 6 ) 5 7 1 - 8 7 9 5 2 4 2 7 ; 电邮:处.


申请提交: 无固定截止日期,委员会将会根据收到的 申请材料选择最终获奖者.

在申请材料中申请人须从上表中选择一个课题或自选学 术课题来阐明其申请意图及影响。


- 国际图书馆员发展趋势



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