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With the partnership between the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) and China's libraries, the Chinese Librarians Scholarly Exchange Program is designed to offer Chinese librarians the opportunity to understand and investigate issues, challenges and solutions arising from the changing contexts and complexity of situations in society. At the same time, the Program set up a platform for the communication and cooperation between the libraries of the two countries and provides excellent networking opportunities with the University's faculty, librarians, students, and leaders in libraries. The Program is designed for Chinese librarians' professional development by meeting their specific needs and tailored to those who aspire to play more significant leadership roles in their organizations. It aims to cultivate the leadership of the Chinese academic libraries and the capability to lead and innovate the Chinese libraries and information service in the 21st century.

As of July 2018, in partnership with academic libraries in China and the United States, especially with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the Chinese Librarians Scholarly Exchange Program has been held successfully for 14 years since 2005. 382 librarians have participated in the program. Speakers are from across the University campus and other state and national organizations, including the University of Illinois Library, the University of Illinois School of Information Sciences, the Illinois State Library, Library of Congress, American Library Association, Yale University Library, Princeton University Library, Columbia University Library, MIT Library, Harvard University Library, Stanford University Library, University of California at Berkeley Library, the National Library of Medicine and so on.

The 130 organizations, including university libraries, public library and special libraries participated in the Scholarly Exchange Program.

"中国图书馆员暑期学术交流项目" 是由伊利诺伊大学厄巴纳-香槟分校 (伊大) 和中国的图书馆合作者共同举办,旨在复杂多变的信息环境下,帮助中 国图书馆员认识、理解和分析涌现的问题与挑战;寻求解决方案与对策;增强中、美两国图书馆、图书馆同仁以及与图情专业博士、硕士学生的交流与 合作。暑期项目从中国图书馆员的特别需求出发,着重于提升他们的专业水平,尤其有利于担任领导角色的图书馆员。暑期项目希望帮助培养创新型的 中国高校图书馆领导者,培养他们引领和变革21世纪中国图书馆和信息服务的能力。

截至 2018年7月,始于2005年中国图书馆员学术交流项目已成功举办14届,共计382名图书馆员参加。该项目充分促进了伊大与国内高校图书馆多方面的交流合作。 


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