Upcoming Email Changes

Beginning Tuesday morning 10/2/2018 the University of Illinois will begin moving email accounts to the new Office 365 system. This process will occur over a few days and after your account has been moved, things may look a little different. Please see the documents in the PDFs section below for more details. This is a mandatory change implemented and serviced by the University of Illinois Technology Services Group for the whole campus. Your email, contacts, personal calendar entries, etc. will all be migrated to a new Outlook 365 mailbox when you show up for work in the morning. Don’t worry about losing anything, it should all be there. If you notice anything missing, please contact I.T. by emailing fsi-techhelp@illinois.edu

We are a small staff and are migrating hundreds of mailboxes so we are counting on you to take this seriously and read this email and attachments. I’m asking you to please save and read these documents below before you call us for help. These documents cover the basics and should answer any questions you have in terms of getting you going. If the documents don’t answer your questions, or there seems to be a problem with your data not being there, by all means contact us.

How will these changes affect you


  1. Webmail users can still access their email from the IFSI website, by clicking the mail icon in the top right hand corner or by going directly to https://webmail.illinois.edu
  2. There will be a redirect link that you need to click on if your mailbox has been migrated. (see below PDF "New Webmail") Detailed instructions and step by step walkthrough with pictures covering important details are in the attached document titled "New Webmail". Save this document to your computer somewhere familiar (ahead of time) so you can reference this document when you need to or have questions. Please read this document first so you are prepared for these changes and don’t have to call IT unless it’s necessary.

If you’ve already opted in for 2FA, you may be required to authenticate with 2FA like you currently do with Banner Forms, TEMS, ETC…. (I know this is a pain, but it’s mandatory and not our fault). Come November all of us will be required to do this.

2FA is an extra login step designed to enhance security on campus. Read more about 2FA and watch an informational video here if you are unfamiliar https://techservices.illinois.edu/content/two-factor-authentication-2fa

Outlook on Your Computer

For users of the outlook desktop client, your experience should be largely transparent and things should look pretty much the same. Once you launch outlook, your account should automatically find your mailbox on the new system and things should open up without issue. It may take a few minutes for things to sync so expect a little slowness for the first hour or so. This will clear up once things are synced.

If you notice access to certain shared mailboxes are gone or not working, please email fsi-techhelp@illinois.edu

Please Read the below PDF "New Outlook" for suggestions for tweaking this new version and turning off a few unintuitive features.

Public Folder Calendars (Facilities, HR, NIMS, Proctor) and your personal shared calendars (if you have any)

  1. Public Folder Calendars are going away in this new version of Outlook 365. Instead, these calendars that you currently have access to will be "shared calendars".
  2. You will receive an invitation email to the "shared calendars" you currently have access to (Facilities, HR, etc...) after your mailbox has been migrated. Just click on "accept" when you receive that email and the shared calendar will be visible in the Calendar section of Outlook 365 Web and your desktop client.
  3. These shared calendars will be available on mobile devices if you are using the Outlook app for iOS and Android.

Mobile Device Configuration

  1. After your mailbox has been migrated, if you are going to get your mail on your phone it is recommended that you download and configure the latest version of the Outlook app. This allows you to access your mail, calendar, shared calendars (Facilities, etc.).
  2. Instructions are in the below PDF "Mobile Instructions"


New Webmail
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New Outlook
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Mobile Instructions
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