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Microsoft Lync

This information only applies to IFSI staff members whom are members of the Lync group and have received an email confirming this from the IFSI IT department. If you are not part of the group and haven't received an email from IFSI regarding Lync, you can disregard this information below.

What is Lync?
Lync is the new University phone system that utilizes your computer as your interface to make and receive phone calls over the internet. If you are a member of the Lync group, you old analog office phones that you have been using for years are going to be replaced. This is a mandatory switch over that all departments are required to make, and will save the University millions of dollars annually.

Training Videos
Please watch the videos below for short tutorials for training on the basics of using the Lync system so you are better prepared for next week. I highly recommend that you watch these videos several times so you are prepared for the switch over. Double click the video window to play in fullscreen mode

How to Answer a Call
Double click the video window to play in fullscreen mode
How to Make a Call
How to Setup Your Voicemail and Other Options
How to Check Your Voicemail and Outlook integration
How to Setup Call Forwarding and Simultaneous Ring
How to Manage Your Calls and Forward Calls to Other Users
How to Use the Conferencing and Collaboration features in Lync

Training Documents
Please take a look at the training documents below to help you understand how to use Lync more effectively.

How to use presence to show your availability and other tips for searching/organizing contacts (PDF)
Lync 2010 Basics for Windows (PDF)
Lync 2011 Basics for Mac OSX (PDF)

Other notable behaviors of Lync:
  1. If you miss a call and or receive a voice mail, there will be a message in your email inbox telling you so. You can listen to your voice mail directly from the message in your inbox if you wish.

  2. If you call a Lync user from the Lync system and they are not yet activated, don't be surprised if your call goes directly to voice mail. If you find this happening next week, you can always pick up your old analog phone and call them using that until everyone has been transitioned. Remember that we are in the "bridge period", and that our old phones will continue to work until spring 2012.

  3. If you are having trouble reaching someone using Lync, or you need to dial 911 for an emergency, simply pick up your old analog phone and use that instead.

This is just the beginning, and we want folks get used to the basics of using the new phone system for a while. Next month, we will be sending out other training videos showing some of the more advanced features of Lync including - group calls, video conferencing, screen sharing, and other collaborative features that we will be able to take advantage of with the new Lync system.

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