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Ethanol Awareness Online

Course Overview
The IFSI Ethanol Awareness Online course is designed to give you a basic understanding of the emerging ethanol industry. While you may not have an ethanol plant in your jurisdiction, ethanol (E-95 and E-85) is becoming the number one hazardous material being transported today. Chances are you have volumes of ethanol moving through your community on any given day. Fire departments with ethanol plants in neighboring communities may be called to assist in ethanol plant emergencies. Ethanol has significantly different characteristics than petroleum based motor fuels. You must prepare to handle ethanol type incidents. Finally, this course provides a foundation to prepare you to take future ethanol courses.

This Awareness course will cover the following topics relating to E-85:

  • Properties
  • Terminology
  • Production
  • Transportation
  • Distribution
  • Hazards
  • Fire Fighting Considerations and Procedures
  • Basic Foam Operations
  • Spills
  • Sources of Additional Information

Course Mechanics
This is a self directed/ self paced course. Upon registration you will be given directions on how to access and complete the course. After completing the ten learning modules you will take a final exam. After successfully passing the exam you will be able to print your certificate.

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