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Wildland Program

Program Description:

Wildland classes at the University of Illinois Fire Service Institute are funded by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and are focused on acquainting firefighters and other first responders on the skills needed to address wildfires. The emphasis is on wildfires in urban and urban/rural environments. Classes are conducted under the National Wildlife Coordinating Group's program, policies and standards for training.

Courses Offered:

NWCG G-130 Wildland Training for Structural Firefighters
NWCG L-280 Followership to Leadership
NWCG RX-301 Prescribed Fire Implementation
NWCG RX-341 Prescribed Fire Plan Preparation
NWCG S-130 Basic Wildland Firefighter Training
NWCG S-130 Basic Wildland Firefighter Training Field Day
NWCG S-131 Advanced Fire Fighter/Squad Boss
NWCG S-133 Look Up, Look Down, Look Around
NWCG S-190 Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior
NWCG S-200 Initial Attack Incident Commander
NWCG S-211 Portable Pumps and Water Usage
NWCG S-212 Wildland Fire Chain Saws
NWCG S-215 Fire Operations in the Wildland/Urban Interface
NWCG S-219 Ignition Operations
NWCG S-230 Wildland Fire Fighting Crew Boss
NWCG S-231 Wildland Engine Boss
NWCG S-248 Status Check-In Recorder
NWCG S-270 Basic Air Operations
NWCG S-290 Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior
NWCG S-300 Extended Attack Incident Commander
NWCG S-330 Task Force/StrikeTeam Leader
NWCG S-336 Tactical Decision Making in Wildland Fire
NWCG S-359 Medical Unit Leader
NWCG S-390 Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior Calculations
Prescription Burn Management

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