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Structural Collapse Program

Program Description:

The Structural Collapse Programs offered at the Illinois Fire Service Institute provides Rescue Technicians with the technical knowledge to access a major building collapse and take necessary actions to save lives and property. The Operations level (light-weight steel & wood) is offered at the IFSI campus and selected Regional Training Centers through Illinois. Collapse Technician level (heavy weight steel & concrete) is only offered at the IFSI Champaign campus "Rescue City." The goal of the Structural Collapse Program is to produce better-trained Technical Rescue Technicians with improved capability levels, better understanding of on-site incident management and search and rescue.

Courses Offered: (also see the Agricultural program)

Special Response Team Leadership
Statewide WMD Response: Structural Collapse Operations
Statewide WMD Response: Structural Collapse Technician
Statewide WMD Response: Technical Rescue Awareness Online
Technical Rescue Awareness

Refresher Training
SWMD: Structural Collapse Rescue Technician Refresher

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