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Explorer Cadet Fire School

Explorer Conference

Conference Dates; June 19-22, 2014

  1. Registration

    1. Do adults pay the same fee as the cadets? Yes. The course fee is $220 for those staying in the dorm and $175 for those not utilizing the dorm. You should note that this fee is approximately $100 dollars less than 2012.

    2. Are T-shirts included this year? No. The terms of the OSFM grant do not allow IFSI to purchase gift bags or T-shirts. A vendor will be on site for t-shirt sales during the conference.

  2. Lodging

    1. Can IFSI make arrangements for certain kids to stay together or single room assignments? No. Post leaders can make those arrangements with the dorm when they check in.

    2. Can we check in early on Wednesday night? Yes, however; you will be billed for the additional night in the dorm.

    3. Does my post have to have a female chaperone if we have female cadets? We recommend that you do have a female chaperone, but it is not required. Female chaperones will be identified on the fire training field and their rooms will be identified in the dorm. If no other female chaperones are present, you must make arrangements to have a female on the floor with your post member.

    4. Do I need to bring a sleeping bag or linen? No, linen service is provided by the dorm.

  3. Meals

    1. What do I do if I have food allergies? IFSI is aware of the growing number of people with gluten allergies. Due to the fact that we use a third party contractor for meals, we cannot guarantee that all food delivered is gluten free nor has it been prepared in an area or fashion that may result in contact with food that is not gluten free. The best solution for those with severe food allergies is for them to bring a sack lunch each day.

    2. Will IFSI be serving box lunches on Friday and Saturday? The contractor for this year’s event is different from last year. Box lunches will be served on Friday and a hot meal with hamburgers and hot dogs will be served on Saturday.

    3. What is the food plan for Sunday? Based on input from the post leaders, we will not serve a meal on Sunday.

  4. Parking

    1. Is parking available on IFSI property? Parking restrictions are the same as last year. Cadets and post leaders should arrive in one vehicle if possible. For larger groups multiple vans may be used.

    2. Can we park our trailers on site overnight? Yes, however; there is a change in the trailer parking plan from last year. Trailers will be allowed to park inside the fence with a few restrictions;

      1. Movement of trailers or vehicles behind the fence is forbidden when pedestrian traffic is present.

      2. Trailers must park in a fashion as to not block access to EMS.

      3. IFSI is not responsible for trailer security.

      4. On SUNDAY trailers will not be moved until after the closing ceremony.

  1. Evening Activities

    1. I heard that the use of the ARC is not included in the conference fee this year, will there be evening activities? IFSI will have a Friday evening presentation in the LRRC at 1900 hours. No other evening activities are planned. Local facilities that have day passes include;

      1. Champaign County YMCA http://www.sf-ymca.net/

      2. Sholem Pool in Champaign http://www.champaignparkdistrict.com/facilities/sholem/

      3. Urbana Indoor Aquatic Center http://www.urbanaparks.org/facilities/43.html

(you should contact these facilities in advance if you plan to utilize them)

  1. Travel

    1. I heard that there is a large conference in town the same weekend as the conference; will this affect travel to and from IFSI? No! The event was moved up a week to avoid conflict with the Corvette show. There should be no travel restrictions. A map is included with a proposed route from the dorm.

  2. Dress Code

    1. Is there a dress code for classes on the IFSI campus?

      1. Yes. The following items are prohibited;

        1. Tank tops or sleeveless T-shirts or any T-shirt with advertisement or provocative graphics.

        2. Long pants are required for all class participants.

        3. Flip Flops or any open toe shoe

        4. Anyone participating in classes must have safety shoes.

  3. Photography

    1. Can I take pictures while attending the conference? IFSI has a strict photo policy. If you wish to take pictures you must have the approval of the event IC. Forms are available on site.

    2. Will photos be available later? Yes. Photos will be made available on the IFSI website as soon as possible after the conference.

  4. Certificates

    1. Will certificates be issued for the conference? Yes class certificates will be available on the IFSI website approximately six weeks after the conference. When certificates are available you will receive an email with printing instructions.

Certificate Information

Click here to learn how to obtain your certificates

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